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Premium Denture Services In Hamilton

If you’re looking for a Hamilton denture clinic that can create comfortable, lasting dentures, look no further than the Gilmour Denture Clinic. Operated by Tim Gilmour, you can trust that you’ll receive personal attention from trained professionals. Learn more about complete and partial dentures below, or call us for an appointment.

Complete Dentures

In cases where all your teeth require replacement, Gilmour Denture Clinic will create an entirely new set of dentures that will restore your smile, allow you to eat the foods you love and help you to feel confident again.

Partial Dentures

If you’re only missing some of your teeth, partial dentures are the right option for you. Partial dentures fit in around your existing teeth, and can even help to preserve them by preventing them from moving out of place. 

Standard and Precision Dentures

For both complete and partial dentures, we offer standard and precision models. While both are quality options, precision dentures are made to fit more precisely to a client’s mouth. 

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are used to avoid being without teeth after an extraction. This involves taking impressions while your natural teeth are still present. The denturist is able to fabricate a denture in the likeness of your natural teeth. This technique allows you to keep a full smile while you go through the healing process.

Dentures Over Implants Offer A Better Bite

If you’re concerned about your dentures slipping when you take a bite, consider dentures over implants from Gilmour Denture Clinic. Your dentures will be fixed to implants in the jawbone. This will provide a more secure and natural bite. It will also stimulate the bone to prevent future deterioration.

Same-Day Repairs & Relines

Gilmour Denture Clinic offers same-day repairs and relines for clients. We respect your time, and know that you rely on your dentures every single day. 

Adjustments & More

No matter what your immediate need, over time your mouth’s shape will continue to change, along with the structure underneath the denture as the bone density changes. This means you’ll need adjustments and changes in order to maintain a good fit and to make sure your dentures perform as well as possible when you smile, talk or chew food. We have the experience it takes to understand these changes and make sure your dentures keep up with you, ensuring continued confidence and comfort. 

This includes services such as adding soft liners to improve comfort and avoid abrasion. All work is done in our on-site lab, and satisfaction is always guaranteed. 

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Teeth Whitening

Nothing exudes confidence better than a brighter, whiter smile. Tim Gilmour, denturist, is proud to offer teeth whitening to our clients. The procedure is simple, and can produce great results. Whitening can remove stains and can help protect your teeth against future discolouration.

We accept all denture insurance plans!

As your Hamilton denture clinic of choice for many years, all work is guaranteed! Take a look at some of the products we offer and give us a call to schedule your free consultation.